Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The View from the Edge of my World

Just a reminder that you are not going to see an exotic locale at the West Richland Daily Photo Blog. Places like my two favorite cities Paris or Seattle are easy. Always something going on, lots of photo ops, lots of people to take pictures of. I'm here to show you something different. I hope that other small communities in the middle of no-where will show us their towns too.

My small neighborhood is 1 long block wide and 4 blocks tall. This is the view looking towards the northwest. The hill is Flat Top. In the rare winters that we have snow there is some dynamite sledding on the north face. There is a very nice shady park at the bottom of the NE flank of the hill. West Richland puts on a great summer concert series in the park. In the summer the deciduious trees hide the homes in the neigborhood below. The Stonehenge looking structure at the top of Flat Top is an long unfinshed non-denominational worship building. It's hiding an equally "lovely" water tower.


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Yes, we are interested in small cities.

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