Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Welcome to a small city photo blog!

Welcome to West Richland WA, USA. We are located about 3.5 hours south and east of Seattle Washington in the Red Mountain Appellation. When I think of West Richland, I think of the vineyards, orchards and the soft fruit that is grown here. We have plenty of hot summer days in the high 90's and low 100's F, and very mild winters. Our population has grown in the past 10 years from 2400 to over 10,000 now. With that growth has come our very own very nice post office, a Subway restaurant (our only fast food), a few sit down restaurants, an upscale grocery store, a tavern, quite a few churches, an 18 hole golf course and a couple of gas stations (list not inclusive). I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's home!! If you cross the Yakima River to the east, you drive into Richland. East of that is the Columbia River. We have two grade schools, one middle school and the high school kids go to school in Richland at Hanford High School.

The first people in West Richland were the Chemnapum, Chinese at the turn of the century, and the first farmers in 1905

I carry one of my cameras with me nearly every day and hope to be posting daily. Enjoy!


Blogger Ham said...

Welcome aboard! It's fascinating, thinking of people doing their daily blogs in the farthest corners.

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Blogger Gerald England said...

Welcome to the DP family

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Blogger Natalie said...

I look forward to seeing more pictures.

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Blogger Chris said...

Welcome on the daily trip.

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Blogger Joan González said...

saludos desde Barcelona


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Blogger Jenifer said...

It's fascinating, thinking of people doing their daily blogs in the farthest corners.
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